Baptism Information Form

Baptism Class Registration and Information Form

Baptism classes are typically offered to (1) offer an introduction to baptism, including a discussion on the Sacrament and “why we baptize”, (2) outline the details of the worship and how we will partner with you in faith, and (3) connect you to others with whom you may wish to associate socially or as part of your spiritual journey (other parents or newly baptized). DURING THE COVID19 PANDEMIC WE WILL NOT BE HOLDING CLASSES BUT INSTEAD PASTOR DAVID WILL BE MEETING - SOCIALLY DISTANCED, OF COURSE, MAY BE VIA PHONE OR ZOOM - WITH FAMILIES PRIOR TO THE BAPTISM DATE. PARENTS AND GODPARENTS WILL BE INVITED TO COME TO THE FONT FOR THE BAPTISM; ALL OTHER WILL BE INVITED TO REMAIN IN THEIR CARS. WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO PARK THE FAMILIES CLOSE TO THE FRONT OF THE LOT.

DURING COVID19 WE WOULD LIKE TO INCLUDE A PICTURE OF THE PERSON BEING BAPTISED WITH OUR ORDER OF SERIVCE THAT WILL BE ON THE WEBISTE AND ELECTORNIC NEWSLETTER. You can either drop one off in the office (and we'll scan it into the computer) or email it to We would like to have it one week prior to the baptism.

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